What can we do for you?
There are many benefits to using virtual assistance to support your business:
     No staff overheads, no space limitations for people or equipment and no time restrictions.
     The flexibility of virtual assistance allows us to deliver the help you need exactly when you need it.
This list is not exhaustive but here is an idea of how we could help you....

Answer your telephone calls on your behalf and deal with your clients to whatever specification you give us

Type up your medical, legal or general correspondence and documentation


Take dictation over the phone or via voice file

Deal with your emails and organise a mailshot

Sort out your inventory

Build you a fabulous PowerPoint presentation

Manage your calendar

Take and process orders for you

Be your receptionist, secretary, Personal Assistant or your entire customer service department

Do internet research for you and service your internet business 

Run your training administration

Update your website content

Proof read your website, and any other important material

Organise and support your events

Organise client gifts, cards, flights, hotel, dinner and theatre ticket reservations

Organise your travel arrangements

It depends on what you want us to do for you. Our hourly rates start at £25.00 per hour for standard office support.
You only pay for exactly the time it takes to complete your work and there are no hidden staff or equipment costs to take into account. If you ask us to make telephone calls, provide stamps, stationery or other consumables then we will charge these to your account at cost.