Experienced Professionals

Our team of five experienced Personal Assistants/administrators offers professional outsourced office support to various different types of businesses including financial services, IT training, business coaching and legal consultancy, to name a few. The team is lead by Heather, who is a qualified PA of many years and we count two professional audio typists and a fluent Russian speaker (as well as a once fluent but now slightly rusty French speaker) amongst our numbers. We are all professional administrators and/or PAs from corporate backgrounds who also have a home grown insight in to the excitement, trials and tribulations of running a business. We can help you with regular support working as an integral part of your business or provide ad-hoc support and project work.

Personalised Approach

We provide a completely confidential, individually tailored service to each of our clients. Our time is charged by the hour and you can use our services as little or as often as your business requires. Whether you need us for a one off project or for ongoing help, we will work to support you so you can concentrate on running your business. How ever it works best for you, is how it works best for us.

Essential Virtual Support

Whether you like a hi-tech approach or prefer to use more traditional methods, we have the technology and experience to support you. Once we understand what you need from us we can get to work immediately on freeing up more of your time to use in other ways.


Virtual assistance, whenever and wherever you need it.


We work with you to make more of your time.


Designed for flexibility... have the help you need exactly when you need it.